Cocktail Hack: (Light) White Russian

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It's the perfect nightcap, or the perfect drink to make you feel as cool as The Dude. While the classic White Russian is certainly not lacking in deliciousness, it does have very high sugar and fat content. Sometimes you want to indulge. Sometimes it's January and you want to stick to your resolutions. It's a balancing act.

Well, if you're like me, balance means keeping it healthy while not giving up the booze. So there. 

I hacked the White Russian to bring you a silky smooth variation that doesn't break the caloric bank. 

Russian Hack 2.0.png

With coffee infused right into your vodka, and the substitution of cream for sweetened almond milk, this is what light and creamy cocktail dreams are made of.


White Russian (2).png

Now there's a drink that'll help you stick to your guns, rather than stick to your ribs.

I'll drink to that! 

(Light) White Russian

2oz Mocha-infused vodka
2oz Sweetened original or vanilla almond milk

Pour vodka infusion over ice, slowly top with almond milk. Stir to combine. 

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Sarah Wasser