Why ParTea?

In an age of craft cocktail bars, home bar carts, and beautiful drink recipe books adorning every well-styled coffee table, what makes ParTea's Booze Infusers so special? 

To start, our blends are meticulously handcrafted to ensure the highest quality infusion possible. We include only whole, natural ingredients so you can maintain control of just what you're drinking. By using a dried infusion rather than fresh fruits or vegetables, your infusion's shelf life remains the same as that of a bottle of liquor. Fresh fruits and vegetables transfer water into the alcohol (and in turn absorb alcohol) lowering the alcohol percentage of the final product. This means that your infusion will spoil over time. Who wants that? Not us. 

With less than a gram of sugar per serving, our Booze Infusers can eliminate some of the problems with traditional cocktails. Sugar causes hangovers, headaches and extra bloating. Need we go on? Ditch the syrups and sodas for a Booze Infuser - it's basically a health drink!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, THEY ARE DELICIOUS. Try one for yourself.  

Sarah Wasser