Choose the Booze

Add any spirit of 80 proof or higher and get delicious results. Each kit comes with flavor-specific recommendations, and you can have fun experimenting!

Infuse the Booze

Our standard jars and infusers will transform a 750mL bottle. Our sampler pack is designed to fit a 1L or 750mL bottle split between the 5 mini jars.

Snooze the Booze

After lots of testing (hard work, but someone has to do it!) we've found that 24-48 hours is the sweet spot, but it's not hard science. Your concoction will begin to take on flavor within hours. You can always start sipping and leave the infuser in longer. Did you forget about it? Don't worry, leaving the infuser in longer will change the flavor, but it will still be delicious!

Use the Booze

Once infused, your liquor has no expiration date. Keep it on your bar cart, in your freezer, or in your liquor cabinet like a normal bottle...but we dare you to try and make it last that long!